How to Become a Fitness Instructor


becomeaninstuctorthumbnailHave you ever thought about becoming a group fitness instructor? Maybe you attend classes, stand in the front row and think to yourself: “I can do this!” You absolutely can! And this week we are breaking down some things you need in order to be successful. There are 3 things, 3 qualities you need to get started. Check out the video for the 3 things you need.


Want more? We have a brand new video series that gives you step by step strategies for breaking into the fitness business:

  • How to get the training you need
  • How to decide on a certification
  • The difference between a certification and a workshop
  • What specialty is right for you
  • How to audition for a teaching position
  • How to prepare for classes and how to keep your classes fresh and exciting without spending hours preparing.


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Cardio Barre Workout – “Timber” by Kesha & Pitbull

We love sharing safe and effective exercise sequences you can do at home. Or if you are an instructor you can add this series to your existing classes. This video includes a cardio barre series that is great for use without the barre. Combination of Planks with a towel followed by a chasse series. Great upper body and core sculpting along with a cardio workout. If you don’t have towels you can also use paper plates or gliding discs or even socks for the plank section. The entire routine is choreographed to a very popular song: Timber by Pitbull and Kesha

Want more Red Hot Fit Tips? Make sure to subscribe and get weekly Fit Tips delivered right to your inbox. Enter your name and email in the box to the right. If you would like access to our entire choreography library that includes lots of choreography songs along with a variety of sequencing ideas visit to become an instructor!

Sample At Home Barre Workout

How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Here is your final Red Hot Fit Tip for 2013. While many are contemplating their new years resolutions over these last few days most will likely fall short of sticking to their resolutions. Why do so many people fail? We’ve narrowed it down to two main reasons. For one most resolutions are far too vague. They tend to lack any specifics and aren’t measurable.  The other reason is often they are far too unrealistic. How can you expect to run a marathon when you haven’t even walked around the block.  Click on the video to learn our tips for creating resolutions you’ll find success with!


Tips & Tricks for Enjoying Holiday Parties

This week we are helping you prepare for holiday parties and dinners.  Over the holiday season you are likely going to get a number of invitations to holiday parties and dinners.  You don’t have to deprive yourself but you also don’t want to pack on the pounds.  So I have 5 strategies to help you survive the holiday season with success!

  1. Eat nutrient foods throughout your day.  Make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs.
  2. Drink plenty of water.  I always try to have a glass as soon as I arrive and then enjoy a glass after each acholic beverage.
  3. Indulge! Enjoy and savor your favorite foods. Just don’t over do it.
  4. Connect with others through engaging conversations
  5. DANCE – Whats a party without DANCE?

I Dare Me

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately? How about trying something brand new every day for an entire year? That is is exactly what Emmy Award Winning Journalist and now inspirational author LuAnn Cahn dared herself to do a few years ago. She took a variety of challenges (365 to be exact!) includingImage with me. This was a precursor to the official launch of Red Hot Dance Fitness and it was definitely one of the experiences that motivated me to launch my own fitness company. After completing her year of firsts LuAnn write about her experiences in her new book I Dare Me. LuAnn was on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee recently and I was delighted she asked me and my team to help get the crowd dancing at her recent book launch party at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia. Check out a few of my Elite Instructors with some of the local celebrities. They helped everyone move and have a blast dancing. Make sure to pick up a copy of I Dare Me in your local bookstore or online here.


Featured Instructor: Evelyn Cook


“Although I was certified in several formats, including a dance format – I was looking for something that was a little bit more fun and had a little more freedom than the current dance format I was certified in. A friend of mine who had attended a Red Hot training suggested I give it a try and the rest is history. I love how current Red Hot is. I also love the flexibility with so many songs to choose from and all the variations that can be done with movements. I tend to get tired of music pretty quickly, so having such a huge library of choreo to pull from is ideal.”
Evelyn originally started teaching fitness while pursuing her first bachelors degree (she is now pursuing her second in Nutrition and Exercise Science). She had put on some weight while pursuing her Communications degree and at 200 pounds she tried eating healthier and working out. Fitness became a way of life and after taking dance fitness classes she knew she wanted to become an instructor.
What does she love about teaching? “My favorite moment so far would be the very first class I taught at West Chester this semester. The class CLAPPED after almost every song! It was such a cool teaching moment.”Although her favorite songs change weekly (as often as new songs are releases) she loves “C’mon” by Ke$ha and the class favorite is by far “Take Your Shirt Off” by T-Pain.
You can dance with Evelyn every Wednesday night at 7:30pm at West Chester University. Classes are only for students and guests, so if you know a West Chester Student – get them to bring you along! And you’ll soon be able to  take Barre classes with Evelyn since she will be attending the teacher training this SUnday at WCU

What should I wear for Barre classes?

Each week we feature a new move from a Red Hot Dance Fitness choreographed routine, an exercise from a Red Hot Barre class, or a fitness or nutrition tip. Your Red Hot Fit Tip of the week is designed to motivate you and help you stay on track. This week we answer one of your top questions: What shoes should I wear when taking Red Hot Barre classes? Take a look at the video for our top 3 options in addition to being barefoot.

Featured Instructor: Sheree James

Featured Instructor: Sheree James
Red Hot Barre Instructor Sheree grew-up a very competitive athlete competing in gymnastics and playing volleyball, basketball and softball. Growing up in Oregon she moved to Washington in 1994 to attend Pacific Lutheran University and play softball.  After receiving a B.A. in Secondary Education and in Spanish in 1998 she went on to teach High School Spanish for 4 years before deciding to stay home and start a family.  Now a mother of 2 Sheree found her workouts switching from softball field to the dance floor. She teaches a variety of dance fitness classes and grew small classes to large classes with over 150 participants.  “After my first year instructing I decided to take it out on my own and Shake It Off Dance-Fitness was born.” She is certified in a number of programs including  Zumbatomic, Urban Striptease Aerobics and most currently Red Hot Barre Fitness. When Sheree was invited to attend a Red Hot Barre training she wasn’t 100% sold. Coming from a sports background she wasn’t sold on the ballet part and thought it might not be high energy enough. But after attending the training she realized that this was exactly what she needed as well as her students.  “I have now led the class myself a couple of times and two of my certified instructors are also leading classes at my studio, SIO.  Our members love it and want more!  I believe that the combination of feeling successful with the easy-to-follow moves along with the top 40 music has really been a hit.” On her playlist right now are current chart topping hits: Blurred Lines, Clarity, Stay and Around the World. Since introducing the class at the beginning of September class attendance has grown.  A typical successful class at SIO is about 8 or more participants.  ALL Red Hot Barre classes have been above 8 and have grown in size to as many as 21 participants. Sheree and her studio instructors were recently named “Best Dance Fitness Instructor(s)” in the Best of Western Washington Contest.


You can take classes with Sheree at her studio, Shake It Off Dance-Fitness in Woodinville, Washington and we are a preferred vendor for The University of Washington (Bothell) and start leading RH Barre in October.

You can also find out more about Sheree and how she started her business on this episode of Red Hot Radio

Featured Gym: Harbor Square Athletic Club

Harbor Square Athletic Club hosted two trainings this past weekend. On Saturday we started with the Red Hot Dance Fitness Instructor Training. We kicked off the day with a packed master class where members got sweaty and channeled their inner JLo and danced. After a day of learning choreography and teaching techniques the instructors are now ready to lead a variety of classes. Harbor Square Athletic Club having already launched Red Hot Dance Fitness classes, this program has grown to be one of their most popular classes. “Our members love Red Hot Dance. We have a great group of instructors and the combination of their energy and personality with RHDF choreography and music is a magical combination” commented Sue Gerber, the Director at HAC. “Classes are full both morning and evening time slots.” Members love the fun music and easy to follow choreography. “We have teenagers all the way up to grandmas that come to the RHDF classes. I love seeing women of all ages and stages of life coming together and having fun.”
On Sunday we hosted a sample Barre class for members and then hosted our Barre Training where 17 passionate and knowledgeable instructors from a variety of teaching backgrounds learned foundation exercises, implemented teaching techniques and put together dynamic sequencing for Red Hot Barre classes. Members can’t wait for barre classes to be on the regular which Sue mentioned will launch in the fall.
You can enjoy Red Hot Dance Fitness at Harbor Square Athletic Club
 Mondays 9:30am with Nichole
Mondays 6:30pm with Leah
Tuesday 8:30am with Nichole
Wednesday 6:30pm with Leah
Fridays 9:30am with Leah
and look for Red Hot Barre classes starting in September!