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Each instructor below has completed some or all of the Red Hot Dance Fitness™ Instructor Training Course and some have successfully passed the evaluation process including our online quiz and video evaluation.

The Red Hot Dance Fitness™ Education Team is serious about supporting our trained and certified instructors.  Instructors have invested their time, energy and money in order to learn the program as well as teach it safely and effectively.  We offer ongoing training and support to our instructors and in order to remain active instructors must maintain a current subscription to our ongoing video program.  If an instructor is inactive they cannot use our trademarks including our name and logo.  Please help us maintain the integrity of our program and report any abuses. Simply check and confirm that your instructor is certified and currently eligible to teach Red Hot Dance Fitness™ classes by searching this list. If the instructor is not listed or is listed as in training or inactive, the instructor does not hold a current certification to teach. Please help us maintain the integrity of our program, and report any expired or ineligible instructors.

Instructors must be Certified and Active in order to be eligible to lead Red Hot Dance Fitness™ classes

  • In training: Currently completing the training program
  • Certified: Completed training + passed the written & practical evaluation
  • Active: currently subscribed to our online program and eligible to teach
  • Expired: currently NOT subscribed to our online program and NOT eligible to teach

You can find each instructors teaching schedule by clicking on their name – you will be redirected to their instructor profile page.  To access Christine’s teaching schedule click here

Ava Adames PA Certified Expired Red Hot Barre
Heather Alessi PA Certified Expired
Amanda Amodei  PA Certified Expired
Danita Arthur PA Certified Expired
Pam Ballas DE Certified Active
Julie Banke WA In Training Expired
Heidi Barnett PA Certified Expired
Debbie Baumstein PA Certified Active
Amanda Bedford PA Certified Expired
Ruthann Bell MT Certified Expired
Sue Berger WA Certified Expired
Shari Booth PA Certified Expired
Milita Borguet PA In Training Expired
Carla Brien PA Certified Expired Red Hot Barre, SCW
Kimberly Brooks NJ Certified Expired
Emily Brown Expired
Judy Brown NJ Certified Expired
Lisa Cannon Holmes MD Certified Active
Rachael Carothers PA Certified Expired
Hayley Clark PA Certified Expired
Laura Cleary MA Certified Expired
Evelyn Cook PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Lana Corrales PA Certified Expired
Donna Crawley PA Certified Active
Brynn Crognale PA In Training Active
Adria Crowley PA Certified Active
Amanda Davenport Ontario Canada In Training Active
Alexandra Davis PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Megan Datz NJ Certified Inactive
Kristin Delaney Expired
Dina Dimmock WA Certified Expired
Anhara Disko PA Certified Expired Red Hot Barre, Body Pump, Body Flow, Pound
Anna Dugdale PA Certified Active
Heather Efland MD In Training Active
Christine Enders PA Certified Active
Lisa Evanich PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre, Body Pump, Body Flow
Heather Fili PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Kim Forlini PA Certified Expired
Amy Formanek NC Certified Expired
Catina Gardner  Korea Certified Active
Caroline Gates NJ Certified Expired
Liz Gilinger PA Certified Expired
Erica Goodwin PA Certified Active
Stephanie Greenhill DE Certified Expired
Denise Griffin-Stevenson PA In Training Active Red Hot Barre
Madison Hall NJ Certified Expired
Sandy Harris MT Certified Expired
Maygen Hetherington WA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Elizabeth Hopkins-Weijts PA Certified Expired
Anne Horikawa PA Certified Expired
Audrey Lynn Hulsey MT Certified Expired
Shana Hunt PA Certified Expired
Shana Ireland PA Certified Expired
Sheree James PA Certified Expired Red Hot Barre
Kris Jennings PA Certified Expired
Annie Johnson WA Certified Expired Red Hot Barre
Lisa Johnson MT Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Tennile Jones WA In Training Expired
Stacey Kahler MT Certified Expired
Carrie Kennard WA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Genessa Kenney PA Certified Expired
Alison King PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Pam Klotz PA Certified Active Piloxing
Josefin Koehn WA Certified Expired
Kerri Konik PA Certified Expired
Amy Koppleman PA Certified Expired
Jennifer Koscelnick CO In Training Active Red Hot Barre, ACE, ACSM, BOSU
Kim Krause PA In Training Expired
Dana Kunzelman VA In Training Active
Megan Kuzinski PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Laura Labuda PA In training Active
Toni Langdon PA Certified Inactive
Nina Lanza PA Certified Inactive
Leah Lauritzen WA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Joan Leary PA Certified Inactive
Stef Lerario PA Certified Inactive
Rachel Lhota PA Certified Inactive
Stacey Lloyd AL Certified Active Red Hot Dance Fitness, Zumba
Melissa Logue PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre, W.I.T.S.
Colleen Mazzotta PA Certified Inactive
Beth McNeely PA Certified Inactive
Heidi Meili MT Certified Inactive
Deborah Meloni PA Certified Inactive
Bivi Mendez PA Certified Inactive
Chanin Mettey OH In Training Inactive
Heather Micene PA In Training Inactive
Melissa Milewski PA Certified Inactive
Ramiro Munguia  PA Certified Inactive  Les Mills
Deja Murray VT In Training Active
Pam Nelson PA Certified Inactive
Amanda Nese PA Certified Active
Carol Nieto PA Certified Inactive Red Hot Barre
Sherri Nissen MT Certified Active
Michelle Olowolafe PA Certified Inactive  AFAA
Julia Paetow IL Certified Inactive
Jennifer Parillo PA Certified Inactive
Dara Patrusky PA In Training Inactive
Rachel Pemble WA In Training Inactive
Jennaya Peterson MT Certified Inactive
Vicki Pope PA Certified Inactive
Caitlin Powell PA Certified Inactive
Laura Rafferty PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Lindsey Rikalo WA Certified Inactive
Kimberly Rishaw-Seyler  PA Certified Inactive
Jennifer Robb PA Certified Inactive
Janet Roberto NJ Certified Inactive
Ashlie Robinson NJ Certified Inactive
Susan Roch NJ In training Active
Robin Rodin PA Certified Inactive
Alana Rosenwald PA Certified Active
Wendy Rosner PA Certified Inactive
Rachel Rubel PA Certified Inactive
Molly Salyard PA In Training Inactive
Janet Sanders PA Certified Active
Nicole Sargent WA Certified Active  Red Hot Barre, ACE, Booty Barre, Strala Yoga
Jennifer Schaefer PA Certified Inactive
Jaime Scott PA Certified Active
Jessica Schecher FL In Training Active Red Hot Barre
Patricia Skergan MT Certified Inactive
Denise Silverstrom FL Certified Active
Tami Sim PA Certified Inactive
Heather Sinsel PA In training Active
Duitch Sloane PA Certified Active Red Hot Barre
Alissa Stamps PA Certified Inactive
Kelly Stevens MA In Training Inactive
Elizabeth Streit PA Certified Inactive Red Hot Barre, Body Combat, Bodyvive
Linda Sylvester NJ Certified Inactive
Mandy Swiney PA In Training Inactive
Alison Thiel WA Certified Inactive Red Hot Barre
Nikki Corrine Thomas PA Certified Active
Olivia Thompson MT In Training Active
Sara Thompson PA Certified Inactive
Denice Thurston WA In Training Inactive
Thu Trinh UT In training Inactive
Kate Truhlar MD In Training Active
Tara Udall MT Certified Inactive
Gunnar Unver PA Certified Inactive
Jolene Wert PA Certified Inactive
Madison Winz MT Certified Inactive
Megan Wood MT In training Inactive
Angie Wright MT In training Inactive
Jami Wright MT Certified Active Red Hot Barre, Body Pump, Body Flow
Sonyong Yim WA In Training Inactive
Linda Yu PA Certified Inactive

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