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Only those certified to teach Red Hot Dance Fitness classes have the rights to use the Red Hot Dance Fitness Trademarks and Logos. The Red Hot Dance Fitness Logos were designed & developed by Red Hot Dance Fitness, LLC and may be used by Instructors who have completed the Red Hot Dance Fitness Instructor Training course and have passed their written test and video evaluation. Gyms hosting classes taught by a Certified Red Hot Dance Fitness Instructors may also use trademarks and logos provided by Red Hot Dance Fitness. All logos must be used in their exact form and only to advertise and promote Red Hot Dance Fitness classes, events and merchandise. Under no circumstances may the Red Hot Dance Fitness Logos be used, without Red Hot Dance Fitness, LLC’s express written consent, to manufacture and sell products such as clothing or any other merchandise. Certified instructors as well as Gyms and studios running the Red Hot Dance Fitness program have access to the correct and current format of the Red Hot Dance Fitness Logos and Marketing Materials. The Red Hot Dance Fitness Logos are not to be used in any form that vary from the samples provided and must not be used in combination with any other trade names, trademarks or logos.


Studios and Gyms pay NO Licensing fees to use the trademarked Red Hot Dance Fitness name and logo but can only do so when a certified instructor is teaching at their facility.


We ask that our instructors and enthusiasts of the Red Hot Dance Fitness program everywhere contact us immediately if they become aware of any unauthorized or improper use of the Red Hot Dance Fitness Trademarks.