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Red Hot Dance Fitness & Red Hot Barre Fitness will have your members and their friends coming back for more!


NO ADDED COST TO GYMS – There are no facility fees when adding Red Hot Dance Fitness or Red Hot Barre Fitness to your group fitness schedule. With the Red Hot program you will never have to sign a contract or pay monthly or yearly fees in order to have the program.  And there is no equipment needed in order to offer the Red Hot Dance Fitness experience to your members.  (The Barre program can be done with or without a barre)  So you can add the Red Hot programs without spending a dime.  In fact, we provide access to a variety of marketing materials for you right on our website so you can start promoting the new class right away.

ONLINE EDUCATION WITH LIFETIME ACCESS – No need to organize training dates, cancel classes and worry about filling a training. Your instructors can complete the entire training program on their own time at their own pace!

QUALITY INSTRUCTOR EDUCATION – The Red Hot Fitness brand strives to be leaders in quality fitness education.  The Red Hot Barre program provides potential instructors with all the tools and resources needed to teach safe and effective barre classes.  While our goal is to deliver results we want participants to remain injury free so a great deal of time is spent training instructors on proper set up and execution on a variety of exercises. The Red Hot Dance Fitness program teaches instructors more than movement. The RHDF Instructor Training provides a comprehensive training for new instructors as well as seasoned instructors covering everything from basic teaching skills to engagement as well as building classes and instructor development. We are committed to providing our participants with the highest quality instructors and we do this by providing a comprehensive teacher training covering basic teaching skills including verbal and non-verbal cuing, layering choreography and coaching techniques so certified instructors can deliver a successful workout experience. We provide ongoing support to our certified instructors through weekly choreography videos as well as additional teacher training modules so that instructors with the Red Hot brand are delivering world class instruction and experiences.

ALL LEVEL CLASSES – Red Hot Dance Fitness takes the guess work out of creating fun yet challenging classes. We provide do-able choreography for certified instructors so that beginners through advanced dance enthusiasts can get sweaty side by side without the fear of beginner frustration or advanced dancer boredom.  We also provide sample playlists so participants can enjoy a vigorous interval cardiovascular workout all while having a blast to the hottest songs out today.

WEEKLY RELEASED CHOREOGRAPHY – Red Hot Dance Fitness is FRESH – we choreograph routines to songs that are currently on the radio, on television and in film.  We offer our participants the hottest, freshest, most cutting edge classes out today.  Your participants get an authentic dance experience. Instructors have a wealth of new choreography to pick from as new choreography is released to certified and licensed instructors WEEKLY.  Our weekly delivery system to our instructors is due to our state of the art website and video system.  Once trained, instructors can access the instructor website with hundreds of choreographed routines and new ones released each and every week.  They can view videos from a computer, their smartphone or tablet.  So each class can be different, exciting and new!  We post new sequencing ideas on our barre instructor site as well. Instructors will always have fresh new content for their classes!

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