Get The Most From Your Barre Workouts


  1. What you wear is important: Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. You do not need to wear tights and a leotard but you definitely want something that you can move in and that helps to absorb sweat.   Your feet are important as well. We do not wear sneakers because we focus on movement through the feet.  The feet contain 19 muscles and we want to use every single one of them.  If you don’t want to go barefoot we suggest the nike studio wrap. You can also buy socks that have the grippy attachments on the bottom as well as regular socks are too slippery.

  2. Fuel up! You need to proper fuel to give you energy throughout class so make sure you have fueled up and don’t forget to hydrate before, during and after class.

  3. Form is vital!  This is where having properly trained instructors is important so you not only get the most from the workout but also to prevent injury. We want safe and effective workouts.

  4. Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes when you go bigger you sacrifice form.  For example when you kick you may try to get your leg higher but as you try to do so you lift your hip which can not only cause injury but you are also no longer working the muscles you are targeting.  So smaller range of motion with good form is always better.

  5. Keep going: you will likely feel sore the day after a class. But that is good. Its evidence that you worked hard and change is happening. So stick with it and you’ll see a remarkable difference in your body!

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