Learn “Releve and Plie” from Red Hot Barre class

Have you been wanting to master a move in a Red Hot Barre Fitness class? This week we are breaking down two foundation exercises that we use in Red Hot Barre Fitness classes: Releve and Plie. For more foundation exercises take a live class or online classes.

Strengthen Your Upper Body with a Plank Walk

Here is a great exercise you can do without any weights or equipment in order to strengthen your upper body and core. Check out the video on how you can do our “plank walk”. For This week we are giving you an exercise you can do anywhere without any equipment: The Plank Walk.  Strengthen your core and upper body.  For more variations and progressions take a live or online classes.

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Just got back from Florida….what’s coming up

I was Florida last week I had the privilege of working with some inspiring mentors and entreprenuers in a variety of industries. I was able to form some fantastic new partnerships in order to deliver to you some amazing new programming (more about that below). I also got to put my dancing shoes on (yes those fantastic sparkly heels!) for a dance party that opened the entire event.


But now I am thrilled to be home, back teaching my regular classes. The past few days we’ve been hard at work in the office implementing all the new programs we’ve been developing. We’ve posted 2 new trainings in the Philadelphia area (Barre in July and Dance Fitness in August).  And we can’t wait to share with you our new nutrition programming. Whether your goals are weight loss, increased energy or just a desire for improved overall wellness, the Red Hot Nutrition program will help guide you in connecting with your authentic nourishment.
We are also planning our first retreat and if you haven’t already completed our survey we’d love your feedback. Just click the image to the right and answer a few quick questions. We want to make sure we create the first Red Hot Retreat with you in mind! Finally we have an exciting new webinar series we’ll be launching for group fitness instructors on a variety of topics. Stay tuned for details on how you can participate! (this will be open to all group fitness instructors, not just RHDF Instructors!)

Sample Home Barre Workout

Whether you took ballet classes as a child or you just want to feel like a dancer, Barre Workouts are all the rage right now. Do you want to incorporate some strength and conditioning exercises into your workout routine?  FOr this weeks Red Hot Fit Tip we are focused on strengthening and toning the body and have for you a series of exercises that are used in Red Hot Barre classes. You can perform these exercises at home by using a chair, the back of your sofa or a countertop. Start of by performing 8 repetitions of each exercise and progress until fatigue. Don’t forget to do both sides and repeat several times.