Bosu at the Barre for added Core Strength

Each week we feature a new move from a Red Hot Dance Fitness choreographed routine, an exercise from a Red Hot Barre class, or a fitness or nutrition tip. Your Red Hot Fit Tip of the week is designed to motivate you and help you stay on track and help you live your best life.

This week we are using a BOSU in a Barre class. Looking to add some additional core work to your exercise routine at the barre? Check out these exercises that will not only work your legs but also challenge your balance and work your core.
1. Lunges – add a free weight for added resistance for the upper body
2. Plies in turnout from the bosu to a wide second position stance
2. Glute series: straight leg lifts, flexed foot hamstring curl, imprint foot into ceiling

Add these to your barre classes for some variety and a new challenge
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