My Guilty Pleasure Dance

Each week we feature a new move from a Red Hot Dance Fitness choreographed routine, an exercise from a Red Hot Barre class, or a fitness or nutrition tip. Your Red Hot Fit Tip of the week is designed to motivate you and help you stay on track and help you live your best life.

This week I am sharing one of my guilty pleasure songs to dance to. Every time I hear this song I can’t help but break into dance. Are there any songs like that for you? Songs you love to dance to but are a little embarrassed – maybe because of the song or the artist? Well this song is my guilty pleasure – Story of My Life by One Direction. Every time I hear it puts a smile on my face and I can’t help but dance. So here is the choreography we use as a groovedown in Red Hot Dance Fitness classes. If you are an instructor feel free to use it in your classes or use it for ideas and for those that just want a reason to dance right now…just get up and move with me!
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Shake it Off Fitness – Featured Facility

Shake it off Fitness studio owner Sheree James went from teaching classes to renting space at various dance studios on a per class basis to eventually making one studio her home.  She invested in her new space with some paint, a ballet barre, mirrors, a sound system and speakers and quickly began running a variety of classes at what now is known as Shake it Off Fitness.

Sheree spoke to us about her team at SIO, “I’ve branded my business primarily with high-energy work-outs from instructors that are out-going and really care about people.  I built my classes with my personality, music selection, high-energy and high impact workouts and I wanted instructors who would be willing and able to do the same. I’ve made some mistakes along the way in instructor selections where it just didn’t end-up being the right fit for the business and/or the instructor.  I’m at a point in the business where I have the right team, the right balance, and the right number of classes and options for a small biz.” Realizing the huge demand for barre classes, Sheree and her instructing team recently attended a Red Hot Barre Instructor Training and now they offer Barre classes which helps diversify class options at SIO.

shake it off group


In addition to offering Red Hot Dance and Barre Fitness they also offer Zumba, Zumba Toning, Urban Striptease Aerobics & Hip-Hop Dance Fitness. They’ll also be offering Half Day Instructor Workshops & Master Classes as SIO owner, Sheree James is working towards becoming a Trainer for the Red Hot brand of Fitness.

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Upper & Lower Body Cardio Burn Workout

Each week we feature a new move from a Red Hot Dance Fitness choreographed routine, an exercise from a Red Hot Barre class, or a fitness or nutrition tip. Your Red Hot Fit Tip of the week is designed to motivate you and help you stay on track and help you live your best life.
This week we are sharing a segment from an online barre class. Raise your heart rate, burn calories and sculpt and tone your body. An full body segment that intervals between upper and lower body exercises using just your own body weight.
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Build a Strong Core and a Better Booty

….with this short routine set to a Hot Song by JayZ and Justin Timberlake.

Join us for this upper and lower body workout where we will just be using our body weight to strengthen the upper body and sculpt the booty. We’ll be performing lunges as well as planks for this interval workout.

Song: Holy Grail by Justin Timberlake and JayZ

Optional equipment: Exercise mat

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Red Hot Dance Fitness Workout

Get Sweaty with a full Red Hot Dance Fitness Workout you can do anytime from anywhere.  We breakdown the moves and you get a vigorous cardiovascular workout while channeling your inner JLo and having fun!  Clear out some space and lets DANCE

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Featured Studio: Fit Ryde

When Fitness Instructor and Studio owner Erica Burns wanted to add a Barre class to her thriving Fit Ryde Studio in West Chester PA she hired Red Hot Dance Fitness Elite Instructor Heather Fili. Heather, already certified in our Dance program, attended Barre training in October 2014. In November she began teaching a few barre classes a week at Fit Ryde and has helped to build a very strong barre program and following at Fit Ryde. Erica shares, “not only are we adding additional classes weekly, but class membership and interest is growing exponentially. Classes are sold out with wait lists! In just three short months we have increased the Fit Barre class offering from 3x a week to 5 classes a week. It is very exciting and it is a direct result of Heather’s warm and wonderful personality as well as the dynamic class style and structure she provides to both the new first timers as well as the regulars.”

Heather adds, “the Red Hot Barre Training has benefited me in many ways. I am now dual certified in Red Hot Dance Fitness and Red Hot Barre. Most importantly, it has taught me the proper technique to make sure that my classes are safe and that the exercises are properly reaching those target areas. The training has also provided me a way to demonstrate the exercises to students of all skill levels. This is done in a way to not single out a student. I want each and every one of my students to feel good about themselves . My goal is to make every one of my classes unique with routines that are choreographed to upbeat music. I want them to be fun and motivating. Becoming a barre instructor has not only allowed me the opportunity to teach but has given me the chance to form friendships with people I would not otherwise had the chance to meet. I love teaching and am so grateful to all that have helped me along the way.

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Featured Instructor: Alana Rosenwald

5 year old fashionista and dog lover Alana grew up dancing so its no surprise that while she was an undergraduate student at Cornell University pursuing an Art History degree that she danced on the Shadows Dance Team. She’s taught ballet and hip hop but didn’t start teaching fitness until recently. “I have always loved to dance and growing up I was a competitive dancer. I have taught since I was 15. After graduating college, I moved back to Philadelphia and started taking Red Hot as part of my workout routine.” It wasn’t long before she attended a Red Hot Dance Fitness Instructor training and started teaching classes regularly.

“Every class is fun and you get a great workout while doing it! I also love exposing people who have never danced before to dance and helping people realize that anyone can do it!” Her favorite Red Hot songs includeLove Me More by The swag geeks song Feel Good by Robin Thicke.

When she isn’t teaching she works full time in the retail industry and loves spending spare time with her 3 year old puppy Calvin.

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Dance like Bruno Mars

Were you tapping your toes and getting your groove on during Bruno Mars’ halftime performance at the SuperBowl? Watching his performance felt like being in a Red Hot Dance Fitness class. All of the songs he performed are all choreographed Red Hot routines.  We wanted to help you learn the moves (we know a lot of instructors have themed classes this week!).  So here are some of the routines you will see in classes.  These videos are designed for instructors so if you are not a group fitness instructor you are getting a sneak peek behind the curtains!  Enjoy and happy dancing!

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Runaway Baby

Locked out of Heaven


The breakdown

The full song


Featured Instructor: Pam Klotz

pam klotz

Certified Red Hot Dance Fitness Instructor Pam fell in love with dance fitness about 5 years ago when she took her first Zumba class. A happily married mother of two boys who lives in the Philadelphia suburbs discovered Red Hot and decided to become certified as an instructor. “I wanted to share my passion for dance with others.” Pam goes on to share, “I love dance and I’m now teaching five classes a week! It’s true that when you dance it releases endorphins that make you more happy and relaxed! The more I dance the better I feel. My students say it’s the best hour of their day!”

Although Pam has never taught group fitness prior to Red Hot Dance Fitness she found the training perfect preparation for leading effective classes. “I’m truly blessed at the opportunities thus far.”
“It’s amazing how great Red Hot makes my students feel. They get lost in a good place for an hour.  It’s like a mini-vacation. A complete dance party! They leave feeling invigorated and refreshed.  This is the way I feel too.” Pam’s favorite songs include Goin’ InWings and A Little Party.


Pam teaches at the RidleyYMCA, AllStar Dance Center in Drexel Hill and Medina Kenpo Karate in Springfield. For her full teaching schedule and pricing visit her instructor website


Free Music Mashups

Music motivates you during your workouts. Keeps you going, energizes you and it’s so much fun! But finding music that is great is sometimes hard. I’ve found the best mashups of some of our favorites RED HOT songs. Click on the link and have hours of great music for classes or for your own workouts. Let us know your favorite mashups below.