“We added Red Hot Dance Fitness to the Group Fitness schedule at Healthplex Sports Club in July.  What a terrific response!  Our members really enjoy the high energy, enthusiastic atmosphere.  We offer classes five times a week and have six certified instructors.  Healthplex consistently receives positive comments, excellent attendance, and we are building a true Red Hot Dance Fitness following!”

-Beth McNeely, Group Fitness Director at Healthplex Sportclub in Springfield, PA


“Christine Gallagher and Red Hot Dance Fitness have brought a whole new element of fitness
and fun to the schedule at Thrive. Our regulars love the addition of RHDF to the schedule and
we’ve seen new students come in to the studio due to Christine and her amazing classes. We
started with one class on the schedule, now have 2 and plan to add a third next month…we can’t
get enough of Christine and RHDF!”
-Hally Bayer, owner and director of Thrive Pilates, Health & Fitness in Center City Philadelphia


Once you do Red Hot Dance, you won't want the treadmill, stair stepper, or any other machine again. Never has an hour of cardio gone by so fast and is so much fun!

David, West Chester Area YMCA

RHDF puts a smile on my face, gets my heart rate up, and for 60 minutes I am doing moves like Jagger or pretending I am Beyonce. AND I am a grandmother of 10, keeping up with women and a few brave guys half my age. I have done EVERY kind of fitness program over the past 40 yrs. and have not had this much fun. The instruction is very easy to follow and guaranteed to make you feel hot, sexy and sweaty . RHDF keeps me lean and mean. Try it and you'll be hooked too.

Roni, Merion Station PA

RHDF is exhilirating, fresh and will make you Get Sweaty!! Current and fun music selections make the class intriguing for a wide variety of people, and the structure of the dances building up to the final "performance" makes it easy to follow for the beginner and challenging for the more experienced. Give Red Hot Dance Fitness a won't be disappointed!

Kimberly, New Jersey

RHDF is so exciting. First, it doesn't feel like I'm working out- working out HARD for an hour. It feels like dancing to the cool, newest music on the radio, with my girls, my friends. I feel hip, even a little sexier, after each class. It gets me to the gym even on those days I have 4 excuses lined up as to why I can't go. The best part is my heart rate goes over 140 if I "make the moves BIGGER" as the instructor asks us over the bass beat....Best type of cardio class design in over ten years.

Kerri, Ardmore PA

I love RHDF because I NEVER feel self conscious-only strong and sexy! (And sweaty!) Its a great combo! 🙂 Christine makes sure you grab a hold of the material and then push yourself forward to challenge yourself. Some of the fundamentals I learned from being one of Christine's students over the years I took with me as I added training, and now I am a group ex/dance instructor myself! Teaching and dancing with my students is by far and away the highlight of my week every week. 🙂 Thanks, Christine, for inspiring me to have the confidence to follow through.

Alex, RHDF Instructor

I LOVE RHDF! I have a work out routine that includes various cardio options including Zumba, Treadmill, etc. RHDF is the highlight of my week. I enjoy every class & feel like it helps me to let the stress go! It is so good for the soul & all about positivity. Absolutely fabulous!

Gabrielle - Philadelphia, PA

I LOVE RDHD!! I was only introduced to this dance fitness class less than a year ago, but I am HOOKED! (So much so, in fact, that I got the certification to teach it and sub for other instructors whenever I can.) If you love to move or love to dance, you'll love this class. You don't have to be a pro dancer to enjoy this class--it really is for everyone, from those who only dance around their house while vacuuming (yes, I know you do it, cause I do, too!) to those who have taken dance classes since birth, practically. I took dance classes for 15 years, but there is still so much I can do to make myself feel challenged by the steps. The movements are designed so that ANYONE can do them and feel sexy, flirty, and like you're getting a great workout (which you are!) I'm also a Zumba instructor, and I guarantee that if you love Zumba, you'll love RHDF. My favorite part of RHDF is the performance songs because that's when you really feel like you're starring in a musical or dancing next with Beyonce in a music video. This is what makes RHDF unique--it's the same kind of adding-on technique you might find in a step class, but it doesn't take the entire class to build the routine. Also, your heart rate doesn't drop while you're learning the moves, which makes it different from an actual dance class and ensures that you're getting a great cardio workout the whole hour. There are so many different styles of music and dance incorporated into a RHDF class that you'll never get bored with it. The energy is infectious, and you'll find yourself laughing and having fun, whether you do the steps perfectly or not. ….. be prepared to GET SWEATY!!

Alison King, Red Hot Dance Fitness Instructor

RHDF is not only a great workout but it is hot!!!! I look forward to going to class and always feel
great after. The time flies and the music is fabulous and fun! The moves are easily picked up so
anyone can take it. It is pure fun and I recommend this fun and exciting class to all. We are so
fortunate to have RHDF in our area!

Ellen, Bryn Mawr PA

RHDF is my favorite part of the week. I look forward to Saturday mornings where I get to dance,
sweat and have a blast! It's like being out with your girlfriends on the dance floor and getting the
best cardio workout around. It doesn't matter how "good" you long as you like to move to
awesome music, you will LOVE it! I can't say enough wonderful things about RHDF. Find a class
ASAP and get sweaty!! You won't regret it.

Rachel, Radnor PA

This class is creative with a great hopping music. You have so much fun doing the dances,
which are easy to follow, that you don't even realize that you've exercised for 60 minutes. Zumba
doesn't hold a candle to Red Hot Dance fitness. Love it.

Tina, Bryn Mawr PA

I have a few reasons why I like Red Hot Dance Fitness. The choice of music is excellent and
the dance that accompanies it is easy to follow, energizing and always lifts my spirits. Both
my parents died six weeks ago and one of the only things that gets me through some days is
a class. When I can’t go, listening to your music playlist helps boast my spirits. So I view the
dance as not only exercise, but as a type of therapy, which helps me cope with all the challenges
of this life. I definitely encourage others to take it and I would surely miss it if the class wasn’t
available. I like the popular music and the variation of hip-hop with other types of dance. I also
think I am in better shape than I ever have been. It is a combination of healthy eating, but Red
Hot Dance Fitness also contributes to keeping my weight down and toning my core at the same

Deborah, PA